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Several years ago I waited in a hospital lobby while a friend was attended to. There perched in a corner was an aquarium with fish aimlessly milling around dead, bleached coral. As I have been scuba diving for 40 years and for the last ten filming underwater habitats as a hobby, I knew there was a better way to show what goes on beneath the waves, and its relation to the medical field. These films were shot as if you were there yourself scuba diving on a tropical reef. After doing the following research, I do believe these films make sense both medically and environmentally.

We all know of the medical benefits of aquarium viewing, but did you know there are even greater benefits from watching videotapes of tropical fish?

Thetis Breeze® goes beyond the confines of aquariums by filming tropical fish in their natural habitat.

Thetis Breeze® will give you all the benefits of aquarium-like viewing with none of the drawbacks.

T. Drewien

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