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"Thank you so much for working with us. We are really excited to get these videos up and running on our CCTV program channel. I am sure that these videos will provide lots of relaxing and soothing moments for our patients and families."—Jessica Stout MS, CLS, TRS, Child Life Specialist - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

"The films have been very helpful in providing distractions and relieving stress for children going through medical procedures."—Michael Towne, MA, CCLS, UCSF Children's Hospital at UCSF Medicxal Center, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for creating such wonderful DVDs. I'm so glad I was told about your product!"—Janice Zack, Child Life, Coral Springs Medical Center, Coral Springs, FL

"We think it's wonderful!!"—Penny Lee, Child Life Specialist, Shriners Hospital for Children, Northern California, Sacramento, CA

"Here at Scottsdale Healthcare we are currently utilizing the underwater DVD in our playroom and in our treatment room. It has a calming effect on out patients and removes them from having to follow a theme of a regular TV show while they are going through a stressful time in their lives."—Shannon, CCLS, CIMI, Certified Child Life Specialist, Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ

"We use the video in our Pre-OP surgery where it is very helpful with Pediatric IV starts. In our treatment room it has been great for diversional activity. It relaxes the parents, kids and the staff!! You have made a difference for us! The fish videos are playing 24/7 in our unit."—Ellie, Pediatric Unit - St Luke's Hospital, Boise, ID

"It's a great film and very relaxing. I know the older kids liked it. Thank you."—Caroline, Surgery Nurse - Shriners Hospital for Children, Spokane, WA

"The audio of the fish video completely calmed down a frightened baby we were working on."—Callie and Van, Pathology Lab - St Luke's Hospital, Boise, ID

"I use the video in my patient room. I have found as I am working, the video is helpful in reducing stress. I love it. And the seaweed swaying makes me relax!!!"—Zan, Phlebotomy Lab - St Luke's Hospital, Boise, ID

"Love it! The kids love it, too. Colorful, fun, soothing, relaxing, interesting."—Mary, Education Coordinator, Shriners Hospital for Children, Spokane, WA

"I like the fish."—Two year old patient - Shriners Hospital for Children

"What a great idea! Very soothing and relaxing. The wonders of underwater life!!"—Patient

"Aquarium TV is very nice. Very soothing and far better than listening to noisy daytime TV shows. A delightful change from all the turmoil."—Patient

"The video is beautiful. Very fascinating, tranquil and relaxing, better than TV programming. I liked it and would watch for hours."—Patient

"I liked it a lot. It was quiet and beautiful!"—Rhonda, Surgery Nurse - Shriners Hospital for Children, Spokane, WA

"The staff feel that the DVDs in our special care unit are successful in calming residents with wandering, agitated behaviors. Thank you for including us in this wonderful opportunity."—Teresa, Recreational Services Director - Life Care Center, Lewiston, ID

"We've watched it during lunch and a number of us like it and find it soothing."—Cindy, MD, St Luke's Hospital, Boise, ID

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