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Medical Facts

  1. Watching a videotape of tropical fish had a greater impact on reducing study subjects' physiological stress than did viewing fish in an aquarium. 1,2
  2. To put your eyes and mind at ease, nothing beats watching fish swim. It improves moods, calms nerves and lowers pulse rate and muscle tension. 4,8,9
  3. The soothing combination of movement and color of tropical fish helps pacify agitated patients. 4,5
  4. Watching fish reduces anxiety and discomfort before and during dental surgery as effectively as hypnosis. 3
  5. Alzheimer patients were more relaxed, alert and had better appetites after exposure to viewing tropical fish. 7
  6. Fish watching calmed children diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. 4
  7. Experiments have shown blood pressure levels in both hypertensive and normal subjects fall when watching bubbling fish tanks. 6

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